Ode to a Cataract

Oh you dark spot That clouds my vision A demon of sight The warden of my gray prison Floating endlessly before my gaze an evil specter of future days I curse thee! I call thee out! The road less traveled? Is that what its about? “To see or not to see” echoes of the modernContinue reading “Ode to a Cataract”

Ode to a Postmodern Child

Critics good and critics bad, critics bright and critics dim, critics modern and critics post— traffic in articulation, profess to be our salvation. He-s and she-s just like me, perhaps, with great responsibilities. For with their words, which are many, they mold and shape our thoughts, though few, mindless folk without a clue. De-centered, De-constructed,Continue reading “Ode to a Postmodern Child”