Alliance, OH – Professor Lahaie is proud to announce the completion of his latest play, Mary, Mother of God, which will premiere on the campus of the University of Mount Union in Alliance, Ohio in April 2017 under his own directorial hand.

SYNOPSIS: Dr. Amanda St. Claire, a psychologist for New York City’s 14th Police Precinct, has been tasked to identify a vagrant woman who believes she is the Virgin Mary. As casual therapy gives way to more serious exploration, the good doctor grows despondent over the lack of progress concerning Mary’s true identity. And though Mary remains good-natured and pleasant about the doctor’s inquiry, she shows a stubborn insistence that she has been sent by God to meet the needs of the broken-hearted. The doctor is even more troubled by Mary’s contagious attitude of joy and blessing—a textbook example of cognitive consonance—that carries with it a power to draw others into her delusion. St. Claire eventually resorts to hypnosis as a most mount20union20logoinvasive tool to break through Mary’s delusional life story, only to come face to face with her own darkest secrets. In turn, the doctor becomes the patient as Mary’s true identity is finally revealed.