Announcing the Publication of “So You Think You Can Worship”


San Diego, CA – The Script Company is proud to announce the acquisition of SO YOU THINK YOU CAN WORSHIP, a Christmas play, written by Scot Lahaie. The play is available for perusal upon request, and The Script Company stands ready to negotiate performance rights for interested producing groups.

SO YOU THINK YOU CAN WORSHIP is a Christmas Play intended for production in a Church setting. The play is comprised of seven vignettes with congregational singing separating each section. The vignettes each tell the story of various characters in the saga of Christ’s birth (Mary, Joseph, Zachariah, Elizabeth, the shepherds, the wise men, and the angels). Speaking directly to the audience, these Biblical characters each share a different Hebrew word to describe their encounter with the Christ child, creating a coherent thread that runs through the whole of the play. Seven words for worship… seven unique encounters with the Word made flesh… one very unique night of worship.


Published by Scot Lahaie

Scot Lahaie is an American playwright living in the Midwest.

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