San Diego, CA – The Script Company is proud to announce the acquisition of GADFLY, a dramatic play, written by Scot Lahaie. The play is available for perusal upon request, and The Script Company stands ready to negotiate performance rights for interested producing groups.

GADFLY explores the power of the establishment to determine what we call accepted Truth, and chronicles how it has historically been the outsider that has moved our understanding of Truth forward. The play is a cosmic Cabaret where special guests are invited to defend their teachings or actions, to include Socrates, Copernicus, Columbus, Galileo, Einstein, Darwin, and science philosopher William Dembski, to name a few. These visitations are marshaled by a musical Poet Guide named Virgil, who is backed by a British threesome with a ukulele and a squeeze box. Virgil keeps the action moving forward as the “Idols of the Institution” play judge and jury over the minds of our history’s greatest thinkers. The resulting journey beyond space and time sheds light on the present claims of science in the contemporary age as compared to the claims of our greatest thinkers down through the ages. It is, above all else, an exoneration of contemporary scholars to pursue truth wherever they find it.