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Luminatium Dramatic Play ScriptPRESS RELEASE:

San Diego, CA – The Script Company is proud to announce the acquisition of LUMINARIUM, a dramatic play, written by Scot Lahaie. The play is available for perusal upon request, and The Script Company stands ready to negotiate performance rights for interested producing groups.

Luminarium is a dramatic retelling of the conversion of King Drtad, the first of the Armenian kings to embrace the Christian faith. The action of the play is set in 284 A.D. in the Palace of King Drtad where Gregory has laid aside his noble pedigree to become a servant in the house of the King. The conflict rises when the King calls upon Gregory to make sacrifice to the goddess Anahid. Gregory declines the offer, which kindles the King’s anger and lands him in the King’s dungeon. Gregory endures torture with grace and patience, believing that his suffering will lead to the King’s conversion. When the King discovers that Gregory is the son of the assassin that killed the King’s father, he rejects Gregory’s faith claims and sentences him to die in the dungeon without food or water, releasing a curse upon the kingdom and hastening the play’s tumultuous conclusion—-the King’s conversion and Gregory’s miraculous survival.

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